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5 Desirable Unique Upgrades in Your Bathroom

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Thinking of renovating your residential bathroom? While a practical bathroom is good for the kids, we can’t deny the fact that a spa-like relaxing atmosphere can be your own refuge from the chaotic, busy world. Certainly, your bathroom can become a very exciting, functional, and inviting space the moment you add these upgrades:   



Instead of stepping over a high curb, strolling into your shower can actually improve its overall accessibility and function. No matter who visits your home, whether it’s your friends with young children or aging in-laws, they will definitely enjoy the ease of exit and entry from your curbless shower.  

However, your upgrade to curbless shower can also transform your entire bathroom into a twenty-first century design reflection. This one basic change can actually showcase modern clean lines, which turns your everyday bathroom into a more luxurious and elegant space.  

Rainfall Showerhead 

In order to give your shower a design focal point, you can add a beautiful rainfall showerhead. Rainfall showerhead actually providers a highly revitalizing experience, which wakes all your senses as the water totally immerses your body. You can also be able to use a rainfall showerhead that has adjustable sizes, water patterns, and pressure in order to tailor your own shower experience.  

Steam Shower 

Just imagine coming home from a stressful, long day, stepping into your very relaxing shower, as well as with digitally controlled ease, which transforms your shower into an aromatic and beautiful steam room.   

As a matter of fact, this upgrade in your bathroom will help transform it from a simply functional space into a spa-like high-end space.   

So, instead of paying money for visiting a health spa in your local area, you can now be able to enjoy all of the amazing advantages that your steam shower has to offer to your body, mind, and most especially your skin, in your own bathroom’s privacy.  

Radiant Heated Flooring in Your Bathroom 

Nothing says comfort and luxury quite like a toasty floor in your bathroom on a cold winter morning. While it may be a modern bathroom upgrade that nobody sees, after a warm bath, a long steam session, and a quick shower after your workout, you’ll surely wonder how you’ve ever lived without this very relaxing heated bathroom flooring.  

Furthermore, radiant heated flooring can also be able to help you save a lot of money on energy bills since they are considered as the most efficient way in order to heat your home, especially your bathroom.  

Towel Racks 

Once you have already designed your blissful, perfect shower experience, down to your relaxing toasty floors, do not forget to install some deluxe towel racks.   

As a matter of fact, tiptoeing across the floor in order to pick up your towel sitting on a toilet lit can surely dampen the mood. In addition to that, your bathroom towel racks can also be more than simply functional, but they can also be a perfect design element to complete the mood in your bathroom.

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4 Signs of a Failing Garage Door Springs

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Whether we admit it or not, we take pride in the appearance of our house especially when people compliments it. We invest on the materials it takes to build the house. We do our best to keep the house safe and clean. One of our investments is the garage door. It makes our garage safe from thieves and our important things secured. We should pay attention to it just how we pay attention to other components of our house. The following are the tell-tale signs that your need specialists on garage door in Buford GA to check up on your garage door.  

Garage Door Springs 

The Springs are Getting Weak 

Most of garage doors have lifespan of 8 years or more, but it still depends on how much you use and the maintenance you do. The springs of a garage door get stretched and re-stretched a lot of times during their life. Imagine stretching a rubber band a lot of times, overtime it lose the ability to hold “charge”. The springs might lose their elasticity, and you can test if the spring of your garage door is still strong.  

First thing to do is closing the garage door then pulling the emergency release. Doing this disconnects the opener from the door. You can now then open the garage door manually. To test the springs, lift the door on your waist height, bring to a stop then immediately let go. If the springs drift downwards, they are no longer strong and are starting to fail.  

Rust and Corrosion 

Like mentioned, the life expectancy of a garage door depends on the maintenance you’re doing to keep it strong. If you do regular maintenance, there’s a high chance that the springs won’t be rusty and corroded. If you neglect your garage door and don’t do even one maintenance or inspection, corrosion and rust will set in. It will then start to damage the spring’s integrity. If you check the springs of your garage door and find rust in it, there’s a big chance that the springs are near its failure.  

Produces Nasty Noises 

Take a minute to observe how your garage door sounds when you open it. When the springs complain and moan when you open the garage door, it means there’s already a breakdown. Lubricating the spring might put a temporary solution for the screeching and creaking sound it creates, but there’s already damage. You need to hire a professional to get your garage door repaired.  

Door Opens Unevenly 

If the garage door has two extension springs but the other one doesn’t open as fast as the other, it means that one of the springs is already failing. It means that the remaining spring will also be useless in a matter of time. Always take some time to notice how the garage door performs. If you notice something suspicious when you open or close the door, call assistance right away. This failing of garage doors will lead to accidents.  

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